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confessions of a serial dater

Understanding now that everything we use, buy, trade, build with, destroy with, manufacture with,…everything needs to be held to a certain standard…and that standard is: Now, more and more of us are learning how to live our lives and make the changes that are necessary in order to begin feeling like we are living responsibly and caring for the environment and the other species with whom we share this blue-green star in the Galaxy.

I know you have. Am I getting warmer? Had you thought about it? Have you tried it?

Watch this video below, like and share with family, friends, loved ones, neighbours and all you see around, but be sure to watch this video in a place where your loud laughter will be tolerated because this video will make you laugh out loud.

H to school, and some new playmates in the form of guys in class, I had quite a year. Anyways, after deleting his number, and attempting to erase him from all things Diva, he still texts me from time to time. After his demise, Mr. H reappeared, but I locked my muffin, and was pretty good at keeping it away from him for months! I went on a few dates, you know, the guy that was trying to get his green card. Then, I met the young one we affectionately or not know as Klein.

Blame it on the vodka zapping my brain cells…or at that time, his sweetheart ways, until he started acting crazy. We had some memorable moments. But then we also had quite a few arguments. And after a few months of dating we dealt with family issues and I subsequently had to break it off, after getting frustrated with his mood swings.

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This post contains affiliate links. Other then that — you just need the printables. I have them linked up below in the steps where you will need them.

1. following directions: cliche of cliches is the situation in which the man and the woman are in a car arguing about which way to go. i thought that in this day and age of GPS this situation would be a .

Biography[ edit ] Early life and discovery[ edit ] Born Melanie Hernandez Calumpad in Tondo, Manila, she was weaned on her parent’s old school soul and jazz records — Ella Fitzgerald , Billie Holiday , and Aretha Franklin — Melanie soon developed an affinity for singing, hogging the mic every single chance she gets. By her 10th birthday, Melanie was already joining many prestigious TV singing contests. She was lording over “Tanghalan ng Kampeon” for six straight weeks, and with her powerful interpretation of Jennifer Holliday ‘s “I Am Changing” became the show’s grand champion in She recorded two solo tracks: She was given the stage name Kyla.

The song’s music video, which was directed by Lyle Sacris, further boosted the song’s popularity. Best New Artist and Video of the year. Along with Lea Salonga and Regine Velasquez , Kyla was listed as Best Female Singer in a survey held by popular teen magazine Meg in her first full year in the music business alone.

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This fluffy, non-greasy, baked doughnut was the result of yet another pregnancy craving. When I was a kid, there always seemed to be a bakery in town that made these fabulous fried molasses doughnuts. I liked the doughnut holes the best. They were always packed with molasses flavor and rolled in crunchy granulated sugar.

The Dating Divas http://the Fold all 3 bags in half. Place them inside each other so the folded edges all line up and the outer bag is the.

Blah I can’t tell you how tired I am of everyone being sick. It seems to be a constant thing around here. I feel like we haven’t had a break since Zach was born. With possibly a week’s break in the middle of it all, we’ve had newborn-itis having to get up regularly throughout the night to feed a newborn makes you feel like YOU are sick! That said, I think we might be turning a corner knock on wood and Zach totally slept through the night last night.

We’re talking from 8pm to 7: I am praying it wasn’t a fluke but the beginning of something beautiful! Somewhere along the way Zach has decidedly become a thumb-sucker and a blanket-lover. He learned to roll from his back to his stomach but complains rather frequently because he hasn’t quite figured out how to get back. And of course he is still regularly submitted to brotherly “love”. He has started rice cereal but it’s sort of a bust right now because he doesn’t seem to like it.

After a few days of practically forcing him to eat even a couple of tablespoons we opted to try out some of the other grains. We’re not sure if he’s holding out for the “good” stuff like fruits and veggies but it seems we’ve got another picky eater on our hands. Regardless, he’s quite the cutie and a rather happy baby.

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Olds Not To Be Missed! It’s definitely one of her preferred genre to read so I am always on the lookout for new finds for her to enjoy. Nimona – Let me start by saying that the Oldest Diva sat down to read this book and never looked back up until she was done. It pulled her in immediately and wouldn’t let go. We are hoping there is more in store for Nimona in the near future.

Disasters from the Dating Divas We are two chicas who find ourselves single again! We are now on the search for “the one.” Having little luck and a whole bunch of laughs we decided our stories were too good to keep to ourselves! Tuesday, December 13,

I can’t believe how FAST this summer flew by, but I’ve had a few days to get back into the swing of things during pre-planning at my school! This week, we’re going to share all about our Classroom Set-Ups and Organization! Here’s a peek into my Classroom: The past few years, I’ve made little to no changes to my classroom decor and set-up, as I was very sick after having my little boy, and I simply couldn’t put together something new on my own.

This year, I wanted to keep with my owls theme, but make it brighter, more colorful, and just re-vamp my whole look for a fresher, more chic style. Therefore, I recreated my own owl decor and added my 2 other loves: Here’s what I’ve got so far: So for my only true bulletin board in my classroom, I’ve used a beautiful avocado burlap on the back of my board with hot pink and brown border!

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First, assemble your envelope pockets using the instructions on the printable. There are 5 different designs and you can print and make as many as you want! Just make sure that each of the holes are in the same location. Finally, add your front and back cover to the metal ring to create a book. Make sure your back cover faces outward! Now for the fun part!

To create Thedahling Dating Divas Blogspot review we checked reputation at lots of sites, including Siteadvisor and MyWOT. We found that ot is safe for children and does not look .

Check out this website that I stumbled upon today! It’s called The Dating Divas. It’s a website that is devoted to marriages. Okay, so I said it is for all people, because it is since it has really good date ideas! It’s main purpose is “strengthening marriages, one date at a time. The Dating Divas is a group of women that blog on different aspects of marriage and different dating ideas. They have fun things like dates for two or four or more.

I really just wanted to share this beautiful gem that I found. I knew more people besides Jordan and I could benefit from it! I hope to use this site in the near future! Jennifer posted the idea of the dating jar. She has written date night ideas on painted wooden craft sticks to be able to draw out and give her and her spouse a spur of the moment idea for a date.

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Good ole’ Bobble-head Disclaimer: Sienna is overwhelmed with work right now, so I have permission to tell her stories from the online dating world from the last several months. Mind you, this is MY perspective on her dates, a third party observation, but still good stories none the less! In all this talk about PCguy, we can’t forget to share about Bobblehead. You may recall that Sienna had a pleasant coffee-turned movie date with Bobblehead.

He is a nice enough guy, but Sienna was not finding herself very attracted to him.

Questions for Couples Life gets so crazy! It’s so easy for date night to fall by the wayside and your relationship to fall into a slump. BUT! A little effort can go a long way in a relationship.

Nine out of ten of them cannot answer the question. We live in a culture where our self-worth is tied to our net worth and living a fulfilling life means being busy. But boring lives attract boring people. Having a variety of interests that go beyond work is super attractive. People want to be around interesting people who are engaged with the world and their own life. Have good stories ready. Another great way to be interesting is to ask interesting questions. Are the people in your life interesting, positive, and adventurous who encourage you to explore life?

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